Do It, Gurl

“5 Ways To Make A Fringe Top”

Looking to add some DIY to your summer wardrobe? In this episode, Jamie shows 5 different ways that you can make a fringe top. Watch above to learn all the versions.

-Writing Utensil
-Decorative Beads
-Needle and Thread
-Two Identical Tops (for #5)

The Ways:

1. Basic Fringe
-Determine fringe length
-Cut fringe

2. Criss-Cross Fringe
-Start with basic fringe top
-Knot adjacent strands
-Create criss-cross

3. Beaded Fringe
-Start with basic fringe top
-Add beads to strips
-Knot strips

4. Beaded Criss-Cross Fringe
-Start with basic fringe top
-Create X with strands
-Add bead to X

5. The Waterfall
-Separate front and back of one of the identical tops
-Remove seams
-Cut fringe
-Attach fringe to second identical top

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