Hey beautiful! It’s Gina from https://orchidandopal.com. In today’s video, I will share another section of my bead and jewelry making supply storage. This time, I will show you how I store my semi precious gemstone beads. Please see below for links to products I recommend:

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The methods I use will not work for everyone, and that’s totally understandable! I encourage everyone to find their favorite methods of bead storage and organization, which meet your own unique circumstances. On that note, if you try one method, and it doesn’t work for you, go ahead and try something else. Don’t feel obligated to stick to a method that you aren’t keeping up with, or isn’t effective for you. Expect a period of trial and error, and time, to see what is working, and what needs to be tweaked.

Bead Storage Series:
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#4 – Czech Glass: https://www.orchidandopal.com/blog/bead-storage-series-4-czech-glass-beads
#5 – Semi Precious Gemstones: https://www.orchidandopal.com/blog/bead-organization-5-how-i-store-gemstone-beads
#6 – Stringing Material & Tools: https://www.orchidandopal.com/blog/bead-organization-6-stringing-materials-tools

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Updated: 2021-01-11