Do you have too many plants and no place to put them? It’s time to elevate your houseplants! This video is all about creative ways to make DIY plantstands and plant hangers without breaking the bank. Watch an overview of the many different types of plant stands I have made on camera! You can recycle and upcycle so many common household items.

1. Basket with legs
2. Hammock
3. Children’s chairs or furniture
4. Stacked terra cotta pots
5. Use an upside down planter, books, or vintage suitcases to elevate another planter.
6. Simple wood block, recycled wood
7. Fencepots as outdoor plant stands
8. Hanging wood plant swing/shelf
9. Benches of all sizes!
10. Candle Holders to elevate potted plants
11. Coat rack turned plant rack!
12. Ladders

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