Thank you for listening whether it was during the live stream or at a later time. A special acknowledgement to Lynn and both Arlenes for joining the conversation as we really enjoyed and valued everything you each shared. We appreciate all of your support! We won’t be having a show on May 24th as it is a holiday in the US and Canada but will return on May 31st. Until next time, have a Divine couple of weeks.
Hello everyone! This week’s topic is all about crystals…the kind that we use as healing tools not the glassware in our china cabinet. We will cover some of the popular ones, how to find one that may suit you, how to take care of them and anything else that makes its way into the conversation as these shows are always unscripted. We welcome viewers to add their own comments, including any favourites and questions related to this subject, as we learn and grow together. We think this will be a fun show too as it we could use a light-hearted break. Join us live Monday, May 17th on Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy starting at 1 pm Alberta/Saskatchewan/MST time and noon Arizona/Pacific time (2 pm central, 3 pm eastern, 4 pm Atlantic, 8 pm in the UK and 9 pm Scandinavia countries). The show will be recorded for those that would like to watch it at a later time. Hope to see you there! To book a reading or get in touch please contact us via email to:
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