This herb burner you can use it traditionally for burning herbs or scenting your room or your entire home with the aroma of the herbs as in aromatherapy, in which you can extract only the fragrance of the incense or herbs without the annoying smoke. It is infinitely adjustable. Proceed as follows:

For scenting herbs:
Pull the sieve with holder and herbs as far upward.

In this way the heat of the candle acts only on the volatile fragrances in herb, without igniting it. So the room will not be filled with smoke.

It helps you to achieve a harmonious and mild room air even with incense, but without disturbing smoke. It’s one application with Herbs, as in aromatherapy.

For burning incense:
Pull the sieve with holder and herbs so far down that the incense begins to smoke slightly. It should not burn it!

The ideal position depends on the candle and the appropriate candle holder. (Check it out!)

Now you have the typical for burning incense.

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