Being a witch, especially nowadays, usually also encompasses owning various tools and aids to help us through our magickal endeavors and adventures. Ritual tools that are commonly found in the atmosphere of a witch or magician could be a Black Handled knife called an Athame, or a white handled knife. A chalice, a pentacle, for some a sword and even for some a cauldron. A wand, a staff, there are many tools of the trade depending on your particular Tradition or practice. Some other exciting tools that we witches will utilize, come in the shape of those things that aid us in our divinatory practices such as Crystal balls, magick mirrors, runes, tarot cards, Ouija boards, I-Ching sticks or coins and pendulums to name a few. Another less common, and often not spoken of much is a device called Witch Sticks. In this episode we’re gonna talk all about Witch Sticks, what they are, how to use them and how to make some of your own. So without further ado…. Roll Intro!!


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