Hi! In this video, I will show you how I makeover my small bedroom using items from shopee ikea and lazada. I’m also doing diy decor in this makeover. If you like my video, kindly subscribe, share, comment and like. Thank you ️

Updated Room Makeover 2021 :

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The link for the items bought from Shopee and Ikea :
Curtain : https://shp.ee/9chxcc2
Eucalyptus fake plant : https://shp.ee/kxubrx7
Tulips : https://shp.ee/p2xztd4
Standing Mirror : https://shp.ee/46e2js6
Table cloth (Lace) : https://shp.ee/tbdgmz6
Dot Sticker : https://shp.ee/bi6ggp4
Straw Basket : https://shp.ee/ywnutxk
Dressing Table: https://shp.ee/nc5sq4a
Bedsheet : https://shp.ee/de8nany
Simulation Plant : https://shp.ee/5myb9cn
Cable box : https://shp.ee/86xmx2n
Foldable table : https://shp.ee/8qifwen
Make up organizer : https://shp.ee/72mari6
Table Lamp : https://shp.ee/k2t2u5k
Wall Posters : https://shp.ee/q64kms6
Chair : https://shp.ee/4wghvan
Carpet (sold out) : Other option : This one should be similar to it in code beige : https://shp.ee/6ctdedn
Privacy window film sticker : https://shp.ee/kdzsswn
Postcard holder : https://shp.ee/wgpw3sj
Book organizer : https://shp.ee/ewusjpn
pillow case ikea (nattjasmin) : https://shp.ee/px7ut54
mini pillow case : https://shp.ee/bv8np8c
daiso washable slipper : https://shp.ee/6hks2kc
rattan sling bag : https://shp.ee/pciv6xe
ikea vase (viljestark) : https://shp.ee/5cycp5c
ikea duvet (silvertopp) : https://shp.ee/npstgyu
mini pillow : https://shp.ee/i6gzfiq

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