DIY Suncatchers with glass beads.
In this video I’m sharing the process in beading with a crystal ball Suncatcher. The Suncatcher is made with the combination of glass beads, charm beads, crystal beads, and a 30mm Aurora Borealis Crystal Ball.
I’m using fishing line to connect the beads and crystal Suncatchers and teaching you how I tied the knots to connect the finished design. You’ll be able to see how the process comes together and this may even help in understanding my design ability and help in customizing to your liking. Here’s the link for custom orders:

Here’s the link for my charm process:

* Also another video of making more:
How To Make Beautiful Beaded Sun Catchers // EverythingAJ’s

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• Photos, Videography & All Editing
by: AJ Bays of EverythingAJ’s

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