It is time for everything magical, for miracles and amazing things

And we can make one together!

Here you will learn how to easily grow huge beautiful crystal at home. This video is about home science, but realy fun science – KITCHEN CHEMISTRY for whole your family.

For growing these crystals you may need to have:

Citrit acid,
some pots, cups
and spoon for mixng.

The most important part of grwing giant crystal – is waiting. So be patient and you will get absolutely unbelievable resalt.

You should look carefully to your crystal and change/filter solution 1 time per 7-10 days.

At the end of this scientific jorney you may need to take out your amazing gem, wipe off with paper towel and cover by nail polish. So your crystals will live long live.

You can make different crystals and present them to your family or friends.
It also can be great room decoration.

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