Hi there in this video i am gonna show you how to make a beautiful beaded cross necklace and earrings set at home for this coming christmas day, its a simple and easy beaded cross jewelry making tutorial so hope you love this tutorial

Materials we need :
– golden beads (4mm)
– pearl beads (8mm) for pendant
– pearl beads (6mm) for earrings
– pearl beads (4mm)
– lobster clasp
– jump ring
– ear hooks
– beading thread (0.16mm) or fishingline (0.25mm)
– beading needle

*Follow my leads :
golden beads = gb
pearl beads = pb

**50cm long thread for pendent
40cm for each earrings
200cm long thread for the necklace

⏱️Time frame for this video
00:00 – Intro
00:45 – materials
01:23 – pendant making
05:13 – earrings making
05:24 – necklace making
06:34 – center part of the necklace
08:36 – other side of the necklace
09:47 – finishing of the necklace
10:10 – attaching the pendant
10:28 – attaching clasp
11:05 – attaching ear hooks
11:20 – outro

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