13 Standing Stones are located within Skyrim, each contains their own unique blessing, but what do they do, and which is the best?

Greetings Wizards! In this video I am going to cover all 13 Standing Stones in Skyrim and rank them accordingly. This is of course in my own opinion, and may well vary for you, nonetheless, feel free to comment your thoughts down below!

The BEST Assassin Armor Mods in Skyrim (2020):

theWelshWizard’s outfit:

Grave Robber’s Backpack:

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The timestamps for the ranking can be found below.

Skyrim – All 13 Standing Stones Ranked (Worst to Best) (00:00)
The Tower Stone (00:43)
The Atronach Stone (02:33)
The Apprentice Stone (03:59)
The Shadow Stone (05:14)
The Serpent Stone (06:41)
The Lord Stone (08:20)
The Steed Stone (09:27)
The Lady Stone (11:40)
The Warrior Stone (12:48)
The Thief Stone (13:48)
The Mage Stone (14:56)
The Lover Stone (15:46)
The Ritual Stone (17:08)
Outro (18:52)

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